The Mission!

About Kitab Cloud

KitabCloud was founded with a mission to make literature and written media from the African languages, available to more people that prefer consuming it through audio rather then reading.

We aim to providing students in Africa with literature across the nation in order to eliminate the quality difference of knowledge between bigger and smaller cities.

Audiobooks will play a very important role in decreasing the knowledge loss between generations, how many of us immigrants to western countries have lost the ability to read in our mother tongue?  

A huge difference on the environment

Studies have shown that the CO2 emissions for conventional books, when looking at the entire supply chain, varies from about 1 kg up to 36 kg per printed copy! When books are printed for example in Europe and then shipped to Africa, we can assume that the CO2 emission will be in the upper part of this interval.

Audiobooks on the other hand, have a very low, almost negligible CO2 emission. Reading a book on your iPad or listening to an audiobook via KitabClod, will result in just a few grams of CO2 emission!

It is a matter of equality and the right to education for everyone

We believe that every child on planet earth should have the same opportunities as any other child in the world, when it comes to education. Unfortunately that is far from the reality right now. KitabCloud makes a big difference for school kids in Africa, and that is something that makes us very proud.

Literature that once was impossible for children in Africa to get access to, is now just one click away. This means that in schools, teachers can include audiobooks and also e-books in their classes giving the children of Africa a better chance in getting the quality of education that they deserve.


Our vision is to use modern technology to democratise education and make sure that the unequal conditions that exist for children in Africa today are reduced. We also want to provide the African people with exciting literature and open the door to the magical world of books.


In Europe, the market for audiobooks has literally exploded. There is a huge supply of books, podcasts, documentaries, etc. Now, we want to enable the same type of entertainment to the people of Africa, by offering a similar service but where the books are in local languages in Africa.


By offering a user-friendly solution, where you as a user can easily scroll between different books, categories and writers, our goal is to provide an easy and usable platform. Just plug in your earphones and start enjoying your new audiobook directly from your smartphone


We see it as our mission to make literature available to more people in the world. Our focus is Africa and the African languages. Audiobooks offer a great opportunity for people to enjoy literature, wherever they are in the world.

Our mission is also to reduce the environmental impact that reading has in the world today. By reading conventional books, we contribute to the high CO2 emissions that we see in the world today. One way to reduce these emissions is to switch from reading printed books and instead choose e-books or audiobooks.